My interest in architecture stems from the time when I was building Lego houses as a child. I am fascinated by bold shapes and forms in current modern architecture. New materials and construction techniques allow architects to dream up incredibly imaginative buildings that through clever engineering appear almost as giant sculptures with fluid organic lines.
Modern buildings in Brutalist or Neo-futurist style particularly appeal to me. They seem to come straight from another urban reality like the futuristic urban landscapes created in movies such as Metropolis or Blade Runner, accompanied by the dark and gloomy, rough and industrial moods conjured up by the electronic music of the 80s that I listened to in my youth.
I like to extract the essence of a building that speaks to me and makes it stand out. Often this is the choice of material, the sculptural qualities of the engineering, the aesthetics of the lines, forms and shapes in the construction, the lighting, or its sheer size and height that leaves me in awe. Rather than showing the whole building in all its pride and glory and in its surroundings, I prefer to isolate and bring out these elements to appreciate the vision and the attention to detail the architect has put into the design.

Remember the Time

New Wave

Ebony and Ivory

Optical Illusions


Doom and Gloom


Eye of the Tiger

Spring Affair

Gamma Ray

Twist and Shout

Twisted Tenderness

Total Eclipse

Light Years Away

Set Me Straight

Reach for the Stars

Silver Saddle

Eye of the Needle


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