About 3 years ago the municipality of Eindhoven, where I live, took the initiative to improve the appearance of tunnels in the city that were listed for maintenance. Tunnels typically are associated with dark uncomfortable public places that give you a sense of unease and you would rather avoid passing through. The municipality wanted to change this by inviting artist to create more appealing environments using light and colorful murals.

I wanted to explore whether after the transformation the tunnels feel as more comfortable spaces to be in. I chose to photograph the tunnels at night as I imagined that the sense of unease would typically be most pronounced at this time of day and therefore the transformation would also be most noticeable.

I had in mind a dark environment with the tunnel glowing in a warm inviting light that pulls you towards and invites you in.

Over the next few weeks will be sharing the images of this series on here as well as on my social media accounts.

Tunnel Vision 01

Tunnel Vision 02

Tunnel Vision 03

Tunnel Vision 04

Tunnel Vision 05

Tunnel Vision 06

Tunnel Vision 07

Tunnel Vision 08

Tunnel Vision 09

Tunnel Vision 10

Tunnel Vision 11

Tunnel Vision 12

Tunnel Vision 13

Tunnel Vision 14

Tunnel Vision 15

Tunnel Vision 16

Tunnel Vision 17

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