Bart Nelissen is a lens-based artist based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. In his work he explores the relationship between humans and nature and the impact of human activity on the landscape. He focuses his attention on how human’s innate desire to control the world around them manifests itself in the built environment.
Urban industrial landscapes, modern architecture and infrastructures frequently feature in his work. Minimalist and rigidly composed his images depict a desolate world void of humans but dense with the legacy of human nature. They raise questions about livability and loss of the human scale in an increasingly industrialised world.
Bart is currently in the final year of a degree in Conceptual Photography at Fotoacademie in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and aims to graduate in May 2023. He exhibited at Rotterdam Photofestival in July 2022 and was selected as a GUP New Dutch Photography Talent in 2022.

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