As a visual artist, I investigate how we, as humans, deal with the grand societal challenges that go beyond the individual and affect humanity as a whole. I am fascinated by the underlying human nature, our innate drive for progress and growth, and our reliance on ingenuity to innovate our way out of these challenges with technically engineered solutions.
I shed my light on the role of technology and innovation, but I also examine its darker aspects. I analyse the impact of technological advancements on us as individuals and our built environment, and question how we can still relate to an increasingly industrialized and technological world.
I studied Conceptual Photography at Fotoacademie in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and graduated in December 2023 with our graduation expo MMNT in Amsterdam. I exhibited at Rotterdam Photofestival in July 2022 and was selected as a GUP New Dutch Photography Talent in 2022.

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