Let me show you the world in my eyes...
Thank you for visiting my portfolio website. I am Bart, a photographer based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
This world sometimes moves too fast for me. I need more time and space to process all information that reaches my brain and find meaning.
I feel a strong urge to slow down and take time to analyse the things I observe, order them and make connections between them. This creates peace in my mind and allows me to dissect the complexity these modern times present us with.
In my photographic approach I feel most comfortable roaming and wandering in isolation in the early mornings or late evenings when there is less human activity to distract me.
Then I can fully focus my attention on observing and noticing all the details that have relevance and provide me with a personal antidote to superficiality.
I'm interested in documenting human nature but it is not humans itself that interest me but merely how they shape their environment to suit their needs, the traces that this leaves behind, and the impact it has on nature.
I try to capture a sense of stillness and alienation in my images that sometimes borders on the surreal.

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